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Course: Jefferson Barracks

October 16th, 2021

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Final Results

Team Scoring Summary


Final StandingsScoreScoring OrderTotal
1St. Louis Blue Knights171-2-3-4-7(8)(9)2:03:34
2St. Francis Borgia High School445-6-10-11-12(13)(19)2:16:10
3Rosati-Kain High School8014-15-16-17-182:25:22

Individual Results

1BRYANT, TabithaFR4628St. Louis Blue Knights122:31.0
2MAJORS, CatherineSR4634St. Louis Blue Knights224:40.9
3STILES, AnyaFR4636St. Louis Blue Knights324:50.6
4KELLY, AnnaFR4481Lutheran South High School--25:00.2
5SMITH, PenelopeFR4488Lutheran South High School--25:01.9
6BRIDGES, DestinyJR4440Incarnate Word Academy--25:01.9
7BLANK, LauraFR4626St. Louis Blue Knights425:23.9
8YANAGIMOTO, LillianJR4461John Burroughs High School--25:43.7
9MENGES, HaileySO4600St. Francis Borgia High School525:46.7
10MELLAND, MariahSO4599St. Francis Borgia High School625:57.3
11DEVORSS, MadelynFR4629St. Louis Blue Knights726:06.8
12NGUYEN, SophiaFR4635St. Louis Blue Knights826:17.3
13GRESHAM, HannahSO4631St. Louis Blue Knights926:28.9
14HILLEBRAND, DaniellaSO4633St. Louis Blue Knights--26:54.0
15WATT, ZilynnSO4438Hancock High School--27:04.8
16ASHER, SaharaSO4453John Burroughs High School--27:10.4
17KEELEY, ElizabethSR4442Incarnate Word Academy--27:13.5
18GRESHAM, AbiSO4630St. Louis Blue Knights--27:16.3
19SABATINO-STEELE, JessieFR4656Valley Park High School--27:38.3
20WEBER, SophieSO4603St. Francis Borgia High School1027:57.2
21MAYER, SarahSR4598St. Francis Borgia High School1128:01.1
22BLECKMAN, OliviaSR4595St. Francis Borgia High School1228:27.0
23MENGES, HannahSR4601St. Francis Borgia High School1328:28.5
24COX, CarmenJR4563Rosati-Kain High School1428:42.2
25ROHLFING, HannahSR4567Rosati-Kain High School1528:50.8
26WU, YajingSO4551North County Christian--28:51.0
27BLANNER, MariaSO4562Rosati-Kain High School1628:52.2
28WU, YawenSO4552North County Christian--29:11.1
29HAYES, CarolineSR4564Rosati-Kain High School1729:13.2
30NORRIS, SophiaFR4484Lutheran South High School--29:17.1
31LAWING, EmilySR4566Rosati-Kain High School1829:43.5
32ENDALKACHEW, EphrataFR4475Lutheran North High School--30:56.2
33HEROD, AbbySR4632St. Louis Blue Knights--30:59.7
34SAMUELSON, ErikaFR4443Incarnate Word Academy--31:06.1
35WITTE, AubreySO4604St. Francis Borgia High School1931:26.2
36LITTLE, MeredithSR4597St. Francis Borgia High School--31:33.4
37COOMBS, LyviaSO4477Lutheran South High School--31:37.4
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