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Course: Centralia Country Club

October 12th, 2021

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Team Scoring Summary


Final StandingsScoreScoring OrderTotalSpread
1Fulton High School151-2-3-4-5(6)1:39:032:41.6

Individual Results

AthleteYr.#TeamScoreTimeGapAvg. Mile
1BARNES, JacobSR4183Fulton High School118:52.2---6:04.0
2PETERSON, JesseSR4198Fulton High School219:10.418.26:09.9
3GRIMES, TylerFR4221Mexico High School--19:23.231.06:14.0
4MONROE, RobertFR4196Fulton High School319:40.248.06:19.5
5MULLINS, BryerSO4197Fulton High School419:46.254.06:21.4
6CHRISTENSEN, CarterFR4157Atlanta High School--19:59.41:07.26:25.6
7RAMIREZ RODRIGUEZ, EmanuelSR4224Mexico High School--20:09.01:15.86:28.7
8PEUSTER, AndrewFR4223Mexico High School--20:12.31:20.16:29.8
9ZIMMERMAN, BoenJR4175Centralia High School--20:48.51:56.36:41.4
10BHAKTA, DhruvSR4184Fulton High School521:33.82:41.66:56.0
11WILLIAMS, RyanJR4225Mexico High School--21:43.12:50.96:59.0
12RUSSELL, PaulSO4254North Callaway High School--21:57.83:05.67:03.7
13PHILLIPS, RomanJR4160Atlanta High School--22:07.13:14.97:06.7
14MARX, AaronSR4251North Callaway High School--22:12.93:20.77:08.6
15EDWARDS, BeauSO4189Fulton High School622:36.13:43.97:16.0
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