2023 St Martins Middle School #3Metairie, LA

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#44 Boys Long Jump (5/6) Start List

Lane Athlete Team
1 LAVARINE, Levi John Curtis
2 WHITE-PITMAN, Greg Holy Cross
3 HUNT, Julius Holy Cross
4 ISRAEL, Simmy Isidore Newman
5 HOLLAND, Weeks Holy Cross
6 TUCKER, Charles St. Martin's Episcopal
7 DOWNS, Carson Metairie Park Country Day
8 JOUANDOT, Philip St. Pius X Catholic
9 OMAR, Hijazi St. Martin's Episcopal
10 ARATA, Rocko Metairie Park Country Day
11 GARDERE, Justin The Willow School
12 CONWAY, Hunter Isidore Newman
13 DRAVID, Jack Isidore Newman
14 FRANCO, Ben St. Pius X Catholic
15 DONNELLY, Brandon St. Pius X Catholic
16 LOOMIS, Sam Metairie Park Country Day
17 SMITH, Sean The Willow School
18 TUFAIL, Taj The Willow School
19 HIJAZI, Karim St. Martin's Episcopal