2023 St Martins Middle School #3Metairie, LA

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#10 Boys 400 Meters (5/6) Start List

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Lane Athlete Team
1 JUPITER, Ryan Hynes Charter
2 DUPLECHIN, Jackson Holy Cross
3 INMAN, Riley John Curtis
4 AGUILERA, Diego St George's Episcopal
5 WILLIAMS, Karson Metairie Park Country Day
6 COUTURE, Jackson John Curtis
7 ZIPPERT, Chase Holy Name of Jesus

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Lane Athlete Team
1 HIJAZI, Karim St. Martin's Episcopal
2 BOTELLO, Zander St. Andrew's Episcopal
3 ALSHEREES, Ali John Curtis
4 ROLLING, Everett St. Pius X Catholic
5 ALROTISH, Avery Holy Cross
6 BARTHEL, Grayson John Curtis
7 OWEN, Patrick Holy Name of Jesus

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Lane Athlete Team
1 EMMETT, Harper Metairie Park Country Day
2 BRECKENRIDGE, Alex St George's Episcopal
3 GILLEN, Brennan St George's Episcopal
4 RILLIEUX, Ryan St. Martin's Episcopal
5 TALBOT, Michael Trinity Episcopal
6 HENRY, Owen Metairie Park Country Day
7 FRANCO, Ben St. Pius X Catholic

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Lane Athlete Team
1 GILLEN, Collin St George's Episcopal
2 GOUDELOCKE, Miles Holy Name of Jesus
3 ROGERS, Julian Hynes Charter
4 TUFAIL, Taj The Willow School
5 SMITH, Rhys The Willow School
6 BERNER, Aiden Isidore Newman
7 MARTIN, Liam Holy Cross