West Region PBCMS 2024


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#23 Men's Shot Put Start Lists

Flight 1 of 2

Lane Athlete Team Seed Note
1 JOSEPH, Gemay-dens Somerset Academy Canyons NM Unverified:
2 OLAGBENDE, Tommi Somerset Academy Canyons NM Unverified:
3 SAGET, Dorlens Okeeheelee Middle School 6.10m Unverified:
4 TREECE, Justin Wellington Landings Middle Schoo 6.23m Unverified: Polo Park
5 VILLATORO, Angel Okeeheelee Middle School 7.30m Unverified:
6 LOUIS, Elijah Osceola Creek Middle School 8.50m Unverified:
7 QUINTUS, Luke Western Pines Community Middle S 8.50m Unverified:
8 HUBBARD, Cameron Lake Shore Middle Sc 8.83m Unverified:
9 REGIS, Daniel Osceola Creek Middle School 9.00m Unverified:
10 MCLOED, Marco Polo Park Middle School 9.25m Unverified:

Flight 2 of 2

Lane Athlete Team Seed Note
1 ETIENNE, Marquis Emerald Cove Middle School 9.58m Unverified:
2 MYERS, Grant Emerald Cove Middle School 9.62m Unverified:
3 GATES, Nathan Western Pines Community Middle S 9.70m Unverified:
4 SALAZAR, Guillermo Okeeheelee Middle School 10.05m Unverified:
5 WARREN, Nicholas Polo Park Middle School 10.13m Unverified:
6 BROWN, Demarcus Lake Shore Middle Sc 10.36m Unverified:
7 MATARI, Zain Polo Park Middle School 11.17m Unverified:
8 MOUTAOUAKKIL, Rayan Crestwood Community Middle Schoo 11.58m Unverified:
9 PENDERGRASS, Brandon Crestwood Community Middle Schoo 12.50m Unverified:
10 FOUNTAIN, Ashton Crestwood Community Middle Schoo 12.55m Unverified:
11 LOUIDORT, Michael Osceola Creek Middle School 13.38m Unverified:
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