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#11 Women's 800 Meters Entries

Athlete Team Seed Note
1 CANALES, Alexis Bak Middle School of the Arts2:38.00
2 EGAN, Emma Independence Middle School3:03.00
3 ESCOBAR, Daniela Watson B. Duncan Middle SchoolNT
4 FISHER, Kayla Bear Lakes Middle SchoolNT
5 GAINES, London John F. Kennedy Middle School3:30.00
6 GANZ, Maria Watson B. Duncan Middle SchoolNT
7 GEORGE, Kamrin John F. Kennedy Middle School3:44.00
8 GODFREY, Devyn Jupiter Middle School2:49.43
9 GREENLAND, Makayla Independence Middle School2:49.00
10 PLATT, Xenia Bak Middle School of the Arts2:42.00
11 RODRIGUEZ, Carolina Howell L. Watkins Middle School2:55.00
12 RODRIGUEZ, Natalya Howell L. Watkins Middle School3:05.00
13 ZA'NARIA, Za'Naria Bear Lakes Middle SchoolNT
Total Entries: 13