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#1 Women's 100m Hurdles Entries

Athlete Team Seed Note
1 ALSTON, August Bear Lakes Middle School19.65
2 BROWN, London Bak Middle School of the Arts19.16
3 CARBO, Ashley Jupiter Middle School19.80
4 HESTER, Aliyah Roosevelt Middle School19.22
5 HORSWOOD, Ava Jupiter Middle School19.20
6 KEYES, Catherine Watson B. Duncan Middle SchoolNT
7 KJOS, Elin Independence Middle School20:13.00
8 LUTHER, India Independence Middle School21:31.00
9 MAJOR, Brandi Roosevelt Middle School18.78
10 PATILLO, RoDajah Bak Middle School of the Arts15.39
11 PATTERSON, Ja'quoria Howell L. Watkins Middle School17:28.00
12 RO'ZAY, Ro'Zay Bear Lakes Middle SchoolNT
13 RODRIGUEZ, Natalya Howell L. Watkins Middle School20.20
14 SHANNON, Simari Watson B. Duncan Middle SchoolNT
15 VINCENT, Jashyri John F. Kennedy Middle School19.50
16 WHITE, Ariana John F. Kennedy Middle School19.00
Total Entries: 16