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#7 Women's 4 x 100m Relay Entries

Team Squad Athlete 1 Athlete 2 Athlete 3 Athlete 4 Seed Note
1 Roosevelt Middle School A Walker Dykes Pitts Miller 54.30
2 Howell L. Watkins Middle School A Johnson Watkins Hickson Baptiste 54.70
3 Bak Middle School of the Arts A Jefferson Hopkins Cambrone Patillo 54.98
4 John F. Kennedy Middle School A Lewis Benton Johnson Wilkins 56.05
5 Jupiter Middle School A Richardson Horswood Sherman Fitzgerald 57.20
6 Independence Middle School A Chetalo Boes Watson Arrizza 57.71
7 Jeaga Middle School A Wallace Spaulding Jean-Lous Figueroa NT
8 Watson B. Duncan Middle School A Perry Brunot Santiago Smith NT
Total Entries: 8