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#23 Men's Shot Put Entries

Athlete Team Seed Note
1 BROWN, Dylan Independence Middle School10.20m
2 CHRISTIE, Daine Roosevelt Middle School11.68m
3 CORTES, Tyson John F. Kennedy Middle School10.25m
4 DO, Khang The Conservatory School MS11.05m
5 DUMARS, Jeremiah Bak Middle School of the ArtsNM
6 FLOWERS, Trent Independence Middle School14.33m
7 GIBSON, Kyle Watson B. Duncan Middle SchoolNM
8 HOLLIS, Ble'Ssen Howell L. Watkins Middle School10.60m
9 HOLLIS, Rodrick Howell L. Watkins Middle School11.60m
10 KENT, Cameron Watson B. Duncan Middle SchoolNM
11 LABBE, Maverick Jupiter Middle School11.20m
12 LABORDE, Chris Roosevelt Middle School12.49m
13 MCCARTY, James Jupiter Middle School8.30m
14 MOORE, Durrell Jupiter Middle School8.70m
15 PRINCE, Jason Jeaga Middle SchoolNM
16 SULYMA, Zach Independence Middle School10.89m
17 TAYLOR, Zayden John F. Kennedy Middle School8.73m
18 VEASY, Stephen Howell L. Watkins Middle School8.06m
19 WILLIAMS, Gerald Bak Middle School of the ArtsNM
Total Entries: 19