2024 St. Lucie County Middle School Track MeetFt. Pierce, FL

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#12 Men's 200 Meters Entries

Athlete Team Seed
1 ALBURQURQUERQUE, Janniel Renaissance Charter of St. LucieNT
2 ALMIRA, Johnny West Gate K-8 SchoolNT
3 BANNER, Malik Forest Grove Middle SchoolNT
4 BINNING, Amare Southport Middle SchoolNT
5 CAMPOS, Kenay Manatee AcademyNT
6 DEMERY, Zachariah Lincoln Park Academy HSNT
7 EXANTOS, Schnieder Northport K-8 SchoolNT
8 FALCON, Eddie Renaissance TraditioNT
9 FORTEAU, Derek Southern Oaks Middle SchoolNT
10 FREEMAN, LaMarcus Southern Oaks Middle SchoolNT
11 GALVEZ, Jose Lincoln Park Academy HSNT
12 GONZALES, Isaac West Gate K-8 SchoolNT
13 HERNANDEZ, Lucas West Gate K-8 SchoolNT
14 HILL, .Antwain Northport K-8 SchoolNT
15 JOHNSON, Davien Palm Pointe Educational ResearchNT
16 LUC, Kevin Northport K-8 SchoolNT
17 MALCOLM, Brandon Manatee AcademyNT
18 MCKOY, Blake Southern Oaks Middle SchoolNT
19 MULET, Santino Renaissance Charter of St. LucieNT
20 OLIVIERI, Coda Forest Grove Middle SchoolNT
21 OWENS, Miles St. Lucie West K-8 SchoolNT
22 PHILEUS, Jamal Manatee AcademyNT
23 PIERRE, Ethan Palm Pointe Educational ResearchNT
24 PILLONI, Marco Palm Pointe Educational ResearchNT
25 PRINCE, JADEN Oak Hammock K-8 SchoolNT
26 RUSSELL, Terrance Renaissance Charter of St. LucieNT
27 SALCEDO, JAVON Oak Hammock K-8 SchoolNT
28 SERRANO, Matthew Manatee AcademyNT
29 SIERRIA-CARDONA, Jadyen Northport K-8 SchoolNT
30 SMITH, Drew West Gate K-8 SchoolNT
31 SONG, EVAN Oak Hammock K-8 SchoolNT
32 STEWART, JAYDEN Oak Hammock K-8 SchoolNT
33 TIMOTHEE, Sawyer Palm Pointe Educational ResearchNT
34 VALASQUEZ, Tavion Renaissance Charter of St. LucieNT
35 WALKER, Jordan Southern Oaks Middle SchoolNT
36 WHITE, Jeremiah St. Lucie West K-8 SchoolNT
37 WILLIAMS, Christopher St. Lucie West K-8 SchoolNT
38 YOUNG, Leonard St. Lucie West K-8 SchoolNT
Total Entries: 38