Stanly County Championships4/11/2022

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#5 Girls 100 Meters Start List

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Lane Athlete Yr. Team Note
1 CRUMP, Damerria FR South Stanly Unverified:
2 GALES, Brooke JR West Stanly Verified
3 VARNER, Ella FR North Stanly Verified
4 COBLE, Olivia SR North Stanly Verified
5 BARRETT, Janiya SR South Stanly Verified

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Lane Athlete Yr. Team Note
1 DOUGLAS, Ava SO West Stanly Verified
2 CLAYTON, Abigail SO Albemarle Verified
3 BIVENS, Onii SR West Stanly Verified
4 BALDWIN, Amari FR Albemarle Verified
5 KROL, MaryGrace JR Albemarle Verified
6 JOHNSON, Tai SO North Stanly Verified