Kroc Meet #1Chicago, IL

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#8 Boys 800 Meters Start List

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed Note
1 Guerrero-Peralta, Mio JR Chicago (Noble/Muchin) 2:20.00
2 Clark, Jeremiah FR Dyett 2:24.28
3 Martinez, Miguel SO Chicago (Noble/Muchin) 2:25.00
4 Gray, Kendall FR Gary Comer College Prep. NT
5 Branch, Larry FR The Noble Academy NT
6 Padilla, Mauricio FR The Noble Academy NT
7 Thomas, Maurice JR Chicago (Fenger) NT
8 Ramos, Mauro JR Chicago (Hancock) NT
9 Zepeda, Juan JR Chicago (Hancock) NT
10 Rhone, Davion FR Dyett NT
11 Espinoza, Christian JR Chicago (Kelly) NT
12 Silva, Ulises JR Chicago (Kelly) NT
13 Cooper, De'Mere FR Chicago (C. Hope Academy) NT
14 Vazquez, Alberto SO Chicago (C. Hope Academy) NT