CPS Metro North Chicago, IL

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#16 Girls 400 Meters Start List

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Lane Athlete Yr. Team Note
1 Delgadillo, Kandy SO Chicago (Kennedy)
2 Rodriguez, Mariah FR Chicago (Curie)
3 Edwards, Anna SO Chicago (Clark)
4 Serrano, Kaelah SO Chicago (Kennedy)
5 Wince, Dionna SO Chicago (Sullivan)
6 Alghezi, Maryam SO Chicago (Sullivan)

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Lane Athlete Yr. Team Note
2 Lesis, Kashyra SO Chicago (Clark)
3 Matchem, L'oreal SO Chicago (Westinghouse Colleg
4 Diallo, Mariam SO Chicago (Ogden International
5 Kraal, Jo Anne FR Chicago (Westinghouse Colleg