Augustana College 76th Annual Viking OlympicsRock Island, IL
3/31/2017 - 4/1/2017

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#40 Women's Javelin Start List

Flight 1 of 3

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed
1 Ewing, Alexis FR Wis.-Whitewater NM
2 McCuen, Morgan JR Wis.-Whitewater NM
3 Lam, Corinne FR North Central (Ill.) NM
4 Helbig, Haylie FR Michigan Tech NM
5 Witthuhn, Carissa FR Wis.-Whitewater NM
6 Wilkinson, Alexandra SO North Central (Ill.) NM
7 Asta, Olivia SO Wis.-Whitewater NM
8 Buerer, Bobbie SO Harper College NM
9 Rush, Marie JR Quincy 18.65m
10 Lee, Yuen Ching JR Luther 19.20m
11 Kadinger, Morgan FR Luther 19.80m
12 Dammeier, Hailey SO North Central (Ill.) 21.10m

Flight 2 of 3

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed
1 Iwanicki, C.J. SR Aurora 21.10m
2 Foxhoven, Cassidy SO Wheaton (Ill.) 21.58m
3 Hoiness, Mattie SO Quincy 21.93m
4 Highum, Aubrey FR Luther 23.10m
5 Manning, Carly JR Wis.-Whitewater 23.35m
6 Smith, Alyssa FR Michigan Tech 23.42m
7 Lamore, Kellyn SO Quincy 24.19m
8 Parker, Eden JR Wheaton (Ill.) 24.21m
9 Kitchen, Nicole JR Wheaton (Ill.) 24.52m
10 Harmon, Brooke FR Augustana (Ill.) 25.12m
11 Saitta, Mary SO Harper College 26.45m
12 Unruh, Anna SR Wis.-Whitewater 27.25m

Flight 3 of 3

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed
1 Ingvalson, Kayla SR Luther 27.34m
2 DeJung, Kathryn JR Wis.-Whitewater 29.17m
3 Kushner, Jessica JR Northern Michigan 29.27m
4 Holtz, Sarah FR Luther 29.40m
5 Iverson, Jenna JR Luther 30.02m
6 Wettach, Molly SR Luther 30.85m
7 Sanders, Makenna JR Wheaton (Ill.) 31.65m
8 Absher, Devyn SR Augustana (Ill.) 31.72m
9 Sykes, Brittany SO Wis.-Whitewater 34.70m
10 McGregor, Kathryn SR Wheaton (Ill.) 35.00m
11 Johnson, Ashley SR Aurora 35.48m