Augustana College 76th Annual Viking OlympicsRock Island, IL
3/31/2017 - 4/1/2017

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#34 Women's Shot Put Start List

Flight 1 of 3

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed
1 Wold, Nora FR Aurora NM
2 Allen, Katelyn JR Aurora 6.46m
3 Hoiness, Mattie SO Quincy 7.09m
4 Lamore, Kellyn SO Quincy 7.40m
5 Rush, Marie JR Quincy 7.78m
6 Graff, Caitlyn SO Aurora 7.88m
7 Toney, Kennedi FR Wheaton (Ill.) 8.12m
8 Iverson, Jenna JR Luther 9.32m
9 Hubbard, Susie UNA Quincy 9.45m
10 Saitta, Mary SO Harper College 9.54m
11 Sikora, Taylor SO North Central (Ill.) 9.62m
12 Witthuhn, Carissa FR Wis.-Whitewater 9.70m

Flight 2 of 3

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed
1 Sykes, Brittany SO Wis.-Whitewater 9.75m
2 Marchildon, MacKenzie FR Aurora 9.85m
3 Schad, Elizabeth FR Wis.-Whitewater 10.43m
4 Glenn, Demiana FR Aurora 10.44m
5 Chase, Lindsay JR Wis.-Whitewater 10.57m
6 Knur, Kylie JR Aurora 10.60m
7 Ocon, Jocelyn FR Aurora 10.60m
8 Highum, Aubrey FR Luther 10.63m
9 Kats, Hannah SO North Central (Ill.) 10.93m
10 Johnson, Ashley SR Aurora 10.94m
11 Guse, Mara SO St. Ambrose 11.19m
12 Smith, Monica SR North Central (Ill.) 11.37m

Flight 3 of 3

Lane Athlete Yr. Team Seed
1 Bachara, Alexandrea FR Wis.-Whitewater 11.41m
2 Strupp, Amanda SR Wis.-Whitewater 11.65m
3 Shove, Dana SO Northern Michigan 11.80m
4 Harstad, Jillian SR Luther 11.94m
5 Webster, Emily JR Augustana (Ill.) 12.26m
6 Willson, Brooke JR St. Ambrose 12.28m
7 Juergen, Michelle SO Northern Michigan 12.37m
8 Etherton, Kayla SR North Central (Ill.) 12.62m
9 Meager, Hannah JR Aurora 12.84m
10 Yamane, Naomi SO North Central (Ill.) 13.27m
11 Stringer, Genny SR Wis.-Whitewater 13.31m