FHSAA 4A District 7Riverview, FL

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#27 Boys Long Jump (Varsity) Start List

Start Time: 2:00 PM

Flight 1 of 2

Lane Athlete Team Seed Note
1 LUCIUS, Corey Tampa Bay Tech 5.90m 5.90m TBT Track Meet
2 CONNALLY, Matthew Newsome 5.98m 5.98m Western Conference - Federal Division
3 SAPP, Tredarius Newsome 5.99m 5.99m George Steinbrenner Invitational
4 MIGUELE, Marcus Durant 6.00m 6.00m Western Conference - Federal Division
5 CRUMBY, Jaylin Armwood 6.01m 6.01m National Division Meet
6 BROWN, Malik Armwood 6.05m 6.05m National Division Meet
7 SINGLETON, Elijah Lennard 6.05m 6.05m Lennard Senior Night
8 HART, Quincy Strawberry Crest 6.36m 6.36m National Division Meet
9 PALACIOS, Derick Durant 6.47m 6.47m Western Conference - Federal Division
10 CAMPBELL, Camren Bloomingdale 6.48m 6.48m 6th Annual George Jenkins Invitational 2022
11 MONROE, Hakeem Lennard 6.95m 6.95m 2022 Hillsborough County Championships
12 AUSTIN, Amiir Newsome 7.02m 7.02m Manuel Griffin Fraundorfer Relays

Flight 2 of 2

Lane Athlete Team Seed Note
1 JONES, Miles Strawberry Crest NM
2 STOKES, Kason Armwood NM
3 JACKSON, Tyron Lennard 5.14m 5.14m Lennard Senior Night
4 COLLINS, Javion Riverview 5.19m 5.19m Jesuit Quad Meet 4
5 HENSLEY, Harrison Riverview 5.38m 5.38m Jesuit Quad Meet 4
6 WALKER, Chase Plant 5.40m 5.40m WC American Divisionals
7 MACK, Mi'keviyon Bloomingdale 5.47m 5.47m Sumner Senior Night Meet
8 MILLER, Ethan Plant 5.52m 5.52m Jesuit Quad Meet 1
9 WEST, Ashahi Bloomingdale 5.59m 5.59m Sumner Senior Night Meet
10 GONZALEZ, Elian Durant 5.63m 5.63m Western Conference - Federal Division
11 KING-COLLIER, Zion Riverview 5.65m 5.65m George Steinbrenner Invitational