FHSAA 4A District 7Riverview, FL

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#33 Boys Discus (Varsity) Start List

Flight 1 of 2

Lane Athlete Team Seed Note
1 HERON, Will Plant 28.58m 28.58m Manuel Griffin Fraundorfer Relays
2 GASKIN, Derrick Durant 29.33m 29.33m 2022 Jack Rice Invitational
3 GREEN, Ryan Newsome 31.08m 31.08m Berkeley Track and Field Invitational
4 THOMPSON, Ben Plant 32.12m 32.12m Jesuit Quad Meet 1
5 SHANAHAN, Joshua Newsome 32.44m 32.44m Western Conference - Federal Division
6 CHURCH, Jadyn Tampa Bay Tech 33.30m 33.30m National Division Meet
7 DOUD, Westin Riverview 33.42m 33.42m Western Conference - Federal Division
8 CLEOPHAT, Marcus Riverview 35.82m 35.82m 2022 Jack Rice Invitational
9 HISCOCK, Eli Newsome 37.13m 37.13m 2022 Hillsborough County Championships
10 O'BRIEN, Charles Bloomingdale 38.32m 38.32m 6th Annual George Jenkins Invitational 2022
11 MIGLIARESE, Nicholas Riverview 39.15m 39.15m Spoto Quad Meet 1
12 EVANS IV, James Tampa Bay Tech 42.26m 42.26m Manuel Griffin Fraundorfer Relays

Flight 2 of 2

Lane Athlete Team Seed Note
1 BENNETT, Michael Lennard 18.26m 18.26m Western Conference - Federal Division
2 FLEMMING, Kenny Armwood 18.98m 18.98m George Steinbrenner Invitational
3 HUMPHREY, Levi Armwood 19.34m 19.34m National Division Meet
4 HACKER, Connor Bloomingdale 20.36m 20.36m Bloomingdale Meet #2
5 CAIN, Lance Armwood 24.68m 24.68m National Division Meet
6 FAGIN, Jared Tampa Bay Tech 25.27m 25.27m Manuel Griffin Fraundorfer Relays
7 STANGLE, Tregan Bloomingdale 25.57m 25.57m Western Conference - Federal Division
8 REED, Jacob Durant 26.57m 26.57m Western Conference - Federal Division
9 COX, Dane Plant 26.91m 26.91m Steinbrenner Fast Five track Meet
10 REED, Keith Lennard 27.01m 27.01m 2022 Jack Rice Invitational
11 PETTIT, Kayden Lennard 27.06m 27.06m Western Conference - Federal Division