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  • Forest Park XC Festival

    Course: McNair Park

    September 12th, 2020

    Forest Park XC Festival

    Current Race Live 2M Splits

    Current Race Live 2M Splits

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    Race #1

    Current Race LIVE 2M Splits

    Final Results

    Team Scoring Summary


    Final StandingsScoreScoring OrderTotalAvg.
    1St. Charles221-2-5-6-81:02:5012:34
    2Ft. Zumwalt North333-4-7-9-10(11)1:08:0813:38

    Individual Results

    AthleteYr.#TeamScoreTimeAvg. Mile
    1ALEXANDER, DevonFR430Francis Howell North--11:13.55:36.7
    2MAPLES, NateFR507St. Charles111:13.65:36.8
    3CASE, JackSO502St. Charles212:07.66:03.8
    4SCHRAUTEMEIER, EthanFR471Ft. Zumwalt North312:27.06:13.5
    5MARGERUM, BlakeFR464Ft. Zumwalt North412:34.56:17.2
    6NOTTMEYER, LukeFR508St. Charles512:36.16:18.0
    7HEAD, AndrewFR434Francis Howell North--13:16.16:38.0
    8WARNER, JamesFR510St. Charles613:19.96:40.0
    9GEBEL, NolanFR490Pacific--13:21.86:40.9
    10PIRRUNG, BraydenFR468Ft. Zumwalt North713:23.16:41.5
    11MCARTHY, AndrewSO525St. Dominic--13:25.76:42.8
    12BLAND, SamFR501St. Charles813:32.16:46.0
    13CARRICO, NoahSO488Pacific--13:45.56:52.7
    14HARTLEY, SeanFR433Francis Howell North--14:02.17:01.0
    15LEBISH, TrevorSO531St. Francis Borgia--14:04.17:02.0
    16WALTERS, NolanSO440Francis Howell North--14:13.77:06.8
    17POSINSKI, JacobFR533St. Francis Borgia--14:20.77:10.3
    18WOLFE, LucasFR534St. Francis Borgia--14:32.27:16.1
    19EHRHARDT, IanSO478Jefferson (Festus)--14:46.37:23.1
    20BREEZE, AlexFR476Jefferson (Festus)--14:47.17:23.5
    21HENRIKSON, KristianFR461Ft. Zumwalt North914:51.27:25.6
    22RAMADAN, YussifFR470Ft. Zumwalt North1014:51.67:25.8
    23OWENS, MichaelSO494Pacific--14:56.07:28.0
    24WADE, LukeFR496Pacific--15:24.47:42.2
    25SCHWALB, JackFR473Ft. Zumwalt North1115:41.97:50.9
    26ALSOP, NickSO512St. Dominic--15:43.67:51.8
    27POINTER, LukeFR526St. Dominic--16:04.38:02.1
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